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AR Media give businesses the opportunity to be extremely well ranked on Google® with proofs to confirm !

Established since 2012, Web AR Media offer very powerful on Google® website creation services. Our team is specialized in website optimization in order to achieve excellent rankings on search engines.


AR Media Web Creation offers quality services that are proven through several projects. Reliability and honesty are at the heart of our concerns. AR Web Media is a mission to satisfy all its customers, most refer us to other companies who can then enjoy also the quality and efficiency of our services.


You have questions? Looking hesitate to choose and web design company for your project? Look no further, our professional team is there to answer your questions. After meeting with one of our specialists will help you understand how search engines such as Google® and can make an informed choice.

technologic websites

Over time, we have gained experience in designing and creating websites or web. We use the latest technologies available on the market to the benefit of our customers greater visibility offered by the Internet. All our creations are adaptive (mobile friendly or responsive), which helps your site automatic adjustment depending on the screen or device used to visit it.

proofs of success

Several examples of search on the search engine Google® show clearly where our customers rank. You can see for yourself Google® and conduct research to validate our claims. See 'our proofs' to see for yourself.

We will create your website, and show you the path to online success.
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Alexandre Robert, SEO specialist

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Our specialties

Learn about our specialties and make the most of the potential of your business and investment. Visibility on the internet is very important to see vital in some cases.

Google® rankings

The techniques and experience of Web AR Media in the ranking on search engines such as Google® proven. See for yourself, visit our proofs section to be convinced. The best way to know how a company performs ranking on Google® or SEO * is to check whether clients of that rank for a given search.

Polyvalent websites

The websites we design are responsive. A responsive web design is a website that automatically adapts to all types of display and / or equipment. For simplicity, a website created by AR Web Media can be easily viewed on a regular computer, smartphone or tablet and regardless of make or model of the device. Can the competition to do the same ?

Professional support

AR Web Media offers impeccable technical support, offering a wide range of solutions when options or special requests you may have. A young and dedicated team to meet your needs, in time more than adequate.

We are proud of our


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Our latest creations

Here are our most recent website designs and website. Click here to see how they perform on rank and Google®.


Insulation services

Website design project for an optimized and powerful construction company in the field of insulation has urethane and other


Hydroseeding services

Website design project and optimized performance for a hydroseeding company


Landscaping services

Project optimized and efficient website designing for a company applying sealants and landscape services


Mini-excavation services

Website design project optimized and efficient for a company to build the mini-excavation


Fences installation services

Website design project and optimized performance for a company of sale, repair and fencing


Concrete and garage flooring services

Project optimized and efficient website designing for a company of construction in finishing concrete floors, garage and other

Our services

Here is an overview of our services. We serve our customers with courtesy and professionalism.

Creation and conception

AR Media design and website creation specializes in organic rankings on search engine Google®. The favorable positioning of your business website is essential and desired by all. See for yourself how our achievements, creations and designs websites rank and perform! The ranking of a website on the Google® search engine is based on several factors. Our knowledge mastery team prerequisites to obtain good results. Content is King: The purpose and Google® priority is to satisfy its users as easily as possible, to increase the positivity of the experience. In the best of worlds, a user would arrive on Google®, enter a simple search like 'dishwasher installation longueuil' and the first result would be 'good'.Obviously this is often not the case. Our great knowledge in creation, design and optimization of website allow us to properly apply the rules of the trade and thus obtain very satisfactory rankings.

Existing website optimisation

Our team has experience and exceptional know so that your website be seen and visited on Google.  Performance objectives, customer satisfaction and the success of the project on the search engines even in areas with very strong competition. Our technical knowledge and proven on local and international markets.   It is important to understand that the ranking of a web site is greatly influenced by 'weight' and 'relativity of the contents' of the website. The quantity and quality of content: The saying 'too much is like not enough' does not apply to websites that wish to classify in a specific field with the competition. It is important to have multiple text boxes and images including several explanatory attributes that describe them. Equally important,  the quality of information provided on the service or services you offer, in the best of worlds, a user  Search a pool installer should not land on a garage door installer website. The content must be consistent as possible and relating to your products or services. Trust our team, your satisfaction is our priority!

Google® Adwords management

We offer a service startup and management of paid advertisement on Google®. Many of our customers want, despite an excellent ranking, be seen up to maximize their visibility and credibility. A paid advertisement from Google Adwords® starts at about $ 10.00 per day. Contact us for more information.

Online forms and more

We are able to create online forms of all kinds, many of our customers take advantage of this option to obtain many advantages such as online submissions or custom contact forms as required.

Our realisations

Visit the section of our web creations achievements to get an idea of our capabilities

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